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Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning was a client initiative to explore how technology could be the launching point for a new education paradigm. Two of the main components of the proposed ecosystem are introduced below.

My Dashboard

Photo of the My Dashboard iPad app

My Dashboard is a tablet application that aggregates a variety of learning resources into one location for the student. Alongside the learning resources, the application shows the student their grades, progress and due dates. More importantly, Virtual Learning creates an area for students and teachers to aggregate, rate and share learning resources. The application takes the possibilities of learning beyond the school's walls, allowing the best educational resources to stand out through a strong environment of community collaboration and curation.

Closeup photo of the My Dashboard iPad app
Closeup photo of the My Dashboard iPad app

Parent Portal

Photo of the parent portal iPad app

Parent Portal is a mobile app that allows parents to connect and see how their child is doing in school. It gives parents the power to become engaged members in their child's education, helping where help might be needed. The application also recommends local events parents can attend with their child. Allowing parents to learn with their child, fostering a stronger family relationship and extending education beyond the classroom. For parents who appreciate the ability to connect with educators, the application easily allows them to communicate with teachers and administrators.

Closeup photo of the parent portal iPad app
Closeup photo of the parent portal iPad app

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